Start the Week on a High Note With Royal Panda’s Lightning Mondays Promotion

24Betting’s Lightning Mondays promotion is an innovative occasion for the establishment. It commenced on April 4th and is scheduled to conclude by November 30th, 2022. The title of this promotion provides an indication of its subject matter. On Mondays, players can earn rewards by engaging in Lightning Roulette, a popular Live Casino game accessible from the foyer of the casino. To clarify for those who are not acquainted, this game is a Live Dealer rendition of the classic roulette wheel. By reducing the playing time, it enhances the level of exhilaration in each round.

Although the reward for this promotion is modest, it should be sufficient to satisfy 24Betting download the majority of users. Players can redeem it for a $1 Rewards Game voucher by fulfilling specific gameplay requirements. Moreover, each Monday these Reward Games have a $5 maximum wager, allowing you to accumulate a recurring bonus of that amount. The prerequisites that participants must fulfill in order to obtain the bonus are uncomplicated. You win if you have not placed a straight-up wager on the winning number when a multiplier of 100x or greater appears.

The noteworthy particulars
It goes without saying that the Lightning Mondays promotion provides Live Roulette enthusiasts with a valuable recurring boost at the beginning of each week. Although there are numerous reasons to anticipate this promotion, there are also a few crucial terms that you should be aware of prior to proceeding with its participation. Allow us to begin by addressing the most critical ones. 24Betting’s Reward Games expire after one week, so be sure to utilize them promptly before they vanish. Additionally, keep in mind that this promotion is only accessible on Mondays. Outside of this time frame, gameplay is not eligible.

Having addressed those points, we can now shift our attention to some additional positive and noteworthy aspects of this promotion. It should come as no surprise that this promotion is accessible on all devices. Whether you are playing on a desktop computer, mobile device, tablet, or any other device, you are in for a treat if you satisfy the eligibility requirements. Similarly, in the event that you are fortunate enough to obtain Reward Game vouchers, you can redeem them by navigating to the Evolution lobby, tapping the gift icon, and choosing the table from which you obtained the prize.

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