The Supreme Court declared that the rules regulating the nomination of election commissioners are unchangeable.

Rummy Best The Supreme Court said on Thursday that since it might generate confusion in the run-up to elections, the statute appointing election commissioners cannot be prohibited at this time.

The Supreme Court denied a plea to halt the appointment of new election commissioners (ECs) in response to a 2023 rule that removed the Chief Justice of India from the field of candidates, and this decision was made just a few days prior.

Judges Sanjiv Khanna, Dipankar Datta, and Augustine George Masih counseled the petitioners to file an alternative lawsuit centered on delaying the election of ECs.

The highest court said on Thursday that there would be no temporary postponement of the Chief Electoral Commissioner and other Election Commissioners (Appointment, Conditions of Service and Terms of Office) Act, 2023. The court noted the independence of the election commission from the “dafabet.”

The Supreme Court requested a written response from the Center in a timely manner and stated that it will examine the main petitions contesting the legality of the 2023 Act. After that, the Court scheduled a hearing for August 5.

At this point, we are unable to undo the Act or halt its execution. We cannot carry on under a temporary order as this would lead to confusion and unrest. The petitioners who have challenged the new legislation have been informed by the bench of that the new election commissioners would not face legal action.

In addition, the petitioners requested that the appointment of new election commissioners be delayed.

The judge declared, “We are dismissing the applications for stay on the appointment.”

The bench came to the conclusion that it is obvious that election commissioners should be impartial and independent since elections have been held annually since the nation’s independence and because there have been several exceptional election commissioners in the past.

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